Grill up the Perfect Patty When You Use a Burger Press

Summer is the perfect time to grill up some delicious and juicy burgers. If you've got big barbecue plans or just love throwing a few patties on the pan for dinner, you're definitely going to want to invest in a burger press. Burger pressers are great for constructing the perfect patty so that you're biting into something thick and hardy.

To top it off, with a press like the ones we have below, you can get extremely creative with what you're serving up. Throw in your own mixings and spice your patties up with peppers and flavorings of all kinds. With one of these pressers, you'll be cooking up some of the best burgers on the block.

1. Weston Burger Hamburger Press

burger press
Form a perfect thick patty or concoct a tasty stuffed burger with this presser.

2. Cuisinart CSBP-100 3-in-1 Stuffed Burger Press

burger press
No more patties falling apart on the grill. This will make your stuffed burgers, sliders and regular burgers.

3. PBKay Stuffed Burger Press Kit

burger press
Not only can you make a burger that just won't quit with this presser right here, but you can also save big on it.

4. LEM Products Heavy Duty Non-Stick Burger Press

burger press
Make your burger as thick or thin as you would like. This press adjusts from 1/4" to a whole inch so you can get the perfect burger.

5. E-PRANCE Aluminum Burger Press Hamburger Maker

burger press
Homemade burgers are always the best burgers, right? You can make the best burger, too, with this hamburger maker.

6. P.I.P.E Hamburger Patty Maker and Grill Press

burger press
This grill press allows you to cook up something hardy without all of the mess.

7. Weber Original Burger Press

burger press
This press will give you that perfectly flat patty that you so desire. Never watch your patty fall apart again when you use one these awesome burger presses.

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