Eating Breakfast at Tiffany's Just Became a Reality with the Blue Box Café

For decades, dreamers, film aficionados, and Tiffany fans have replayed the iconic scene from Breakfast at Tiffany's where Holly Golightly glides out of a taxi and stands before the show window of Tiffany's wistfully admiring the diamonds and daintily sampling a croissant. As simple as that scene is, it has evolved into the epitome of glamour for generations. 

And the actual Tiffany's hasn't failed to notice. According to Vanity Fair, the iconic jewelry brand revealed its new, luxurious Blue Box Café located on the fourth floor of the flagship store of Tiffany's at 727 Fifth Avenue in New York City. Manhattan just got a bit more glamorous.

Although inspired by Audrey Hepburn, the menu at this upscale café is a little more elegant than a croissant in a paper bag in the opening scene. The Holly Golightlys of today can lounge amid shining jewels and Tiffany robin's egg blue decor as they gaze down at Central Park and enjoy their very own breakfast in the new café.

However, instead of coffee and croissant, the Blue Box Café will serve a choice of avocado toast, truffle eggs, or a smoked salmon bagel with schmear with your caffeinated beverage. And all for just $29. How's that for a modern luxury experience?

And it's not just breakfast you'll find to fight the mean reds. Lunch, too, is served at a flat rate of $39. But according to those who've had a sneak peek at the menu, it's all top-shelf items that are local and seasonal. If you simply can't get enough of the glitz and glamour, you can take it home with you for much less than it would be to purchase one of their trademark diamonds.

For $36, there's a small cake one can order on special occasions, or just because. And because you're at Tiffany's, it looks just like a Tiffany box with glossy blue icing and a big, white confectionary bow. 

Dining in a Box

When you visit, make sure to admire the distinct decor. At the Blue Box Café, everything from the walls and chairs to the plates and salt and pepper shakers is that cheerful shade of Tiffany Blue. Of course, just like the boxes themselves, there are silver and marble accents around the café as well as diamond displays. 

The effect is something like dining inside of a Tiffany box. A testament to America's love of Tiffany's simplistic design, this café is the epitome of indulgence both for those who own Tiffany and others who simply want to dine surrounded by glittering elegance.

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