You Can Buy this Beautiful Fort Worth Home for Just $1

If you’re looking to buy a historic home with plenty of potential, you may just want to head to Fort Worth, Texas. But you’ll probably want to bring along a trailer.

Facebook user Wade Barrow has gone viral for his post about a beautiful house that’s up for sale for only $1. There’s just one catch – you have to move it.

According to Barrow, the house was built around 1904 for George W. Greathouse, a brakeman with the Frisco Railroad. The home is well-known in the area for its unique central porch surmounted by an octagonal turret. Its unique design was created by a single father who asked his young daughter to name anything she wanted in the world. The girl told her father that she simply wanted to live in a castle. As a result, he designed the home to resemble a castle and made the spire into her room.

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Although it’s unclear what condition the interior of the house is in, it seems like a great bargain. So, are you feeling motivated to try your hand at a true fixer upper? You can learn more about the home via Barrow’s Facebook page.

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You Can Buy this Beautiful Fort Worth Home for Just $1