You Can Buy This Entire Wild West Town for a Bargain Price


A piece of American history is up for grabs in South Dakota.

The tiny town of Swett, SD is now for sale for the low price of just $250,000. That surprisingly small price tag will get you six acres of land, a store, a bar and a cozy (and possibly haunted) four-bedroom home.

The town, which lies 100 miles southeast of Rapid City, was established in 1932 when a farmer named Swett opened a post office inside the local grocery store. A few years later, the town became home to around 40 families. Unfortunately, that high point in the town’s history didn’t last and the area is now abandoned.

The area known as Swett has switched owners many times over the years. A man named Lance Benson was the last owner, but lost ownership of the land last month. Now, a bank has taken over the property and slapped a shockingly low price tag on the parcel with the hopes of attracting a buyer quickly.


These days, there’s nothing left to bring new residents or visitors to Swett. The Swett Tavern bar, which was the town’s longest-lasting business, recently shut its doors. Over the years, the area earned a bad reputation which has kept anyone from settling nearby.

Now that the bank owns the town, they are doing their best to help lure adventurous buyers to rural South Dakota. They’ve removed some ugly eyesores from the town, including some abandoned homes, and are replacing street signs which were previously riddled with bullet holes.

If you have a little extra cash in your pocket and dreams of starting your own town from scratch, you may want to give Swett a chance. You can view more photos and find out more about the town’s history at its official real estate listing.

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You Can Buy This Entire Wild West Town for a Bargain Price