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You Can Build This $1K Prefab Tiny Home in 3 Hours Flat


For lovers of micro houses, there's an exciting new tiny prefab home prototype that you're sure to love. The France model, designed by Czech company Pin-Up Houses, is unique for a number of reasons. Not only does it offer down-sized living, but it only costs $1,200 to buy! And the best part? You can assemble it yourself in a matter of hours.

The France home prototype comes shipped in twenty-one ready-to-assemble, insulated pieces. The panels are all connected by threaded rods, making assembly and breakdown easy as pie. When it's all said and done, the home is only 74 square feet! You have to really love tiny houses to call this one your full-time home.

When Pin-Up Houses tested the construction (filmed below) it took three people a total of three hours to put it all together.

The model was designed by Pin-Up Houses owner Joshua Woodson to have three separate sections. The blue zone is for sleeping, the white for living and working and the red for cooking. The cooking area even has a wood burning stove!

You may notice that there's no bathroom in the mod-style shack. With such a low price, though, you could build an outdoor bathroom with all your leftover money.

While the home isn't for sale just yet, something tells us that tiny-house lovers across the world will be buying it up as soon as they can.

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You Can Build This $1K Prefab Tiny Home in 3 Hours Flat