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You Can Now Fly From the U.S. to Europe for $69

Wanna get away? Ok, technically it's not Texas' beloved Southwest Airlines, but this low-fare airline may become your second favorite flying option. Why? Because they want to send you to Europe for as little as $69.

Well, almost $69.

WOW Air, a budget airline out of Iceland, is offering the supremely low fares from two West Coast cities. You can get to England, Scotland, Stockholm or Copenhagen from L.A. or San Francisco for as little as $69.99. So what's the catch?

Surprisingly, not too much.

The extra costs for in-flight food and a checked bag aren't terrible. If you do it online, a checked bag fee is just over $40. There are also additional optional fees for selecting a seat or getting more leg room. Check out fees here. But, all that said, you can snag a $69 flight if you travel with just a 22-pound carry-on. Other flights to different destinations cost more, but nothing crazy.

Here's another cool thing: all of the flights have a stopover in Iceland. Obviously, the airlines wants to increase tourism in Iceland, so they have a free "stopover" service. That means you can actually break up your flight with a few days in Iceland for no extra charge.

Seriously cool.

In the past, travel to somewhere even as simple as London could exceed well over $1,000 round-trip. WOW Air could cut those costs in half with comparable amenities.

If it sounds like a limited time offer that's too good to be true, just know this: WOW Air wants their fares to become the rule, not the exception. That means affordable international travel for all could be just around the corner. Time to go see the world!

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