YETI Just Teased the Spring Release of Wine Tumblers

There are few things in life I enjoy more than sipping sangria by a campfire. And there are few things in life I dislike more than realizing my precious glass of sangria turned warm as soon as it left the cooler. We've celebrated the superiority of YETI's products for years, from their apparent fire-proof design to the plethora of colors they launched last summer. This year, though, everyone that has ever asked for a set of YETI wine glasses is finally getting their wish.

YETI released a preview of their Spring 2018 product lineup and as luck would have it, the Rambler Wine Tumbler is on the list. Featured in five colors, shown below, these 10-ounce glasses are made with kitchen-grade stainless steel, meaning they're rust- and puncture-resistant. They also feature the classic double-wall vacuum insulation that YETI is known for, and best of all, they're dishwasher safe! In the words of YETI, "reds won't stain, whites won't sweat, and your hands won't affect the wine's temperature."

The stemless wine glass design also makes it easier to pack and more stable on uneven surfaces. Have you ever had wine out of a stainless steel wine glass? I haven't, but I'm excited to give this 10-oz wine glass a try.

Of course, they're not just for wine as you could serve up any drink inside, but I think that pulling out this double wall insulted stainless steel YETI wine glass would make the end of a hiking trip that much sweeter. Let's check out the colors below. Maybe you'll find the perfect gift idea for that special someone.

Stainless Steel



Brick Red


Each YETI cup is listed at $24.99, even the DuraCoat colors of White, Seafoam, Brick Red, and Black. The YETI Rambler Wine Tumbler will be on everyone's list to grab before spring and summer begin in earnest. You can enter your email on the site to receive a notification when it's officially for sale.

Of course, many might cringe at the nearly $25 price tag for a wine cup, but if the functionality of the YETI Colster and the YETI Rambler Lowball are any indication, it's money well spent if you and your family head into the outdoors regularly. Have you ever seen a stainless steel stemless wine tumbler? I've seen a funny wine glass or two, but never one that's stainless steel insulated like this.

This will definitely be on my wish lists for the spring, especially since it's small enough to pack away without problems. Here's a preview of the new cooler coming out this spring.

The Hopper Backflip 24

To see the Camino Carryall and the Hondo Base Camp Chair, check out YETI's site here.

Which product are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below!

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