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Fried Chicken Scented Candles Are a Thing

Most of us have a soft spot for the fried chicken eatery KFC. Now there's a way to enjoy the smell of a fresh batch of fried chicken whenever you want - without all the added calories.

Lexington-based retailer Kentucky for Kentucky has released the "Fried Chicken Candle", which can fill your home with the scent of fried chicken fresh out of the skillet. Kathy Werking combines soy wax with spices, seasonings and real pieces of Kentucky fried chicken in a cast iron skillet, which gives the candle its recognizable scent.

The candle instantly flew off the shelves, which led Werking to develop an entire "Scents Of The Commonwealth" series. Along with the classic fried chicken scent, candle-lovers can pick up a "Double Down", which was created to replicate the smell of KFC's controversial chicken, bacon and cheese sandwich.

Although I personally wouldn't want to torture myself by fillin' my homes with the scent of delicious food when it's not actually there to stuff in my face, I seem to be in the minority. Werking's unique candles, which are made by hand in small batches, continue to sell out almost instantly. If you're in the mood to fill up your space with the scents of the Bluegrass state, visit Kentucky for Kentucky.

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Fried Chicken Scented Candles Are a Thing