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Yes, the Taco Cleanse is a Real Thing

As the New Year begins, the dieting extravaganza commences. Well, you’re in for a treat if waist trainers, one-year gym memberships and drinking lemon-cayenne water for a week sound gross.

A handful of geniuses have concocted The Taco Cleanse. Wes Allison, Stephanie Bogdanich, Molly R. Frisinger and Jessica Morris from Austin, Texas are avid “taco scientists”, according to People.

They even went so far as to eat tacos, and only tacos, for 30 days straight. In the name of science…er, health… I mean tacos!

And their new book, The Taco Cleanse, suggests you try out that same routine.


It’s like this diet was invented for anyone who can’t let go of their favorite breakfast taco.

The book itself comes with five different tortilla recipes, plus hundreds of fillings and recipe ideas for your month of tacos. For those going meat-free in the new year, they have 75 vegan recipes, too.

This handy little graph illustrates that the more tacos you ingest, the more energy and passion you’ll build up in your life.


The creators haven’t come out and said you’ll be leaner after this month of tacos. However, it’s hard to argue with tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It definitely beats all those meal replacement bars.

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Yes, the Taco Cleanse is a Real Thing