Yes, This 9-Year-Old Actually Caught a 600-Pound Fish [VIDEO]


It’s an impressive feat for a master fisherman to reel in a 600-pound fish from the water. Even more impressive is that to be done by this nine-year-old boy.

During a recent visit to Canada with his family, Kegan Rothman, of Atlantic City, N.J., beat the odds. Rothman was on the Fraser River near Chilliwack in British Columbia, with his father and a fishing guide, when he felt a tug on his line.

“It is the most excitement I’ve ever had with a fish,” Kegan said, according to ABC News. “It was so hard to hold onto the rod. I thought the fish was going to pull me into the water.”

Watch the video above to see Rothman reel in this impressive catch.

After almost two hours of reeling it in, the three finally brought the fish to shore and realized it was a giant white sturgeon, estimated to weigh nearly 600 pounds. They released the river monster back into the waters shortly after.

Ben Trainer of Great River Fishing Adventures was working as the Rothman’s guide during the fishing trip. He has worked on the Fraser River for 11 years and says he’s never seen a catch as big as this one.

“With the size of this fish, I’d bet it’s over 75 years old,” he said.

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Yes, This 9-Year-Old Actually Caught a 600-Pound Fish [VIDEO]