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'Yellowstone' Recap: The Dutton Family Feud Reaches a Tipping Point


Warning: spoilers ahead for season four of Yellowstone. 

It's hard to believe season four of Yellowstone is already over, but here we are. "Grass On The Streets and Weeds on the Rooftops" was a finale that did not disappoint. The episode finally brought certain storylines together in the most dramatic way possible. Beth discovers who was behind the Dutton hit and confronts Jamie, Jimmy returns to Montana and is reunited with Mia, and John tries to do the right thing by helping Summer. It was an emotional roller coaster and I'm still left with a ton of questions but there's no doubt in my mind that we're being set up for an even crazier season five.

Read on for our seven main takeaways from the season four finale of Yellowstone.

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1. Beth sets the record straight with Carter

You almost think you're witnessing an incredibly heartwarming scene when Carter calls Beth 'mama' as she's walking through the barn. Though her initial instincts were to respond like he was her own son, she quickly set the record straight that he lost his mother and would never get another. She added she would never have any kids of her own and Carter was brought to tears. It was rough to watch, but I'm still holding out hope that Beth and Rip officially make Carter part of their family at some point.

2. Emily vs Mia

Just when it seemed like we were officially done with Mia, she shows up at the ranch with Laramie and is hanging out in the bunkhouse when Jimmy makes his big return from Texas. But he's not alone...apparently, Emily is now his fiancée. Mia is furious and jumps up to fight Emily before getting dragged out of the bunkhouse by Jimmy after Emily lands a solid punch. She tells him he has to choose between the two of them and it's an easy choice for Jimmy. John Dutton is so impressed by the new Jimmy, who came back to the Yellowstone to work off his debt before starting a new life with Emily, he tells him that they are totally square. Both John and Rip tell Jimmy he always has a place there, but Jimmy decides to leave and go down to Texas to focus on being a cowboy and enjoying his new relationship...can't argue with that. Seems like the perfect setup for the new spinoff series!

3. Kayce faces his inner demons

While the rest of the Dutton clan was busy dealing with their own drama, Kayce camps out on the reservation for days on end to face his inner demons. He sees everything from his late brother Lee Dutton to flashbacks from his military days. In the end, he's presented with two paths that he has to choose between, though we don't see what they are. When he returns home to Monica, he tells her that he saw the end of them. I'm noot sure what this means, but I'm guessing he has to choose between losing Monica/Tate or the Dutton family. Will we finally get back to the Dutton/reservation drama in the next season?

4. Beth and Rip get married

Finally! We've only been waiting for this for four seasons. It was typical Beth, who wore that ridiculous outfit she'd worn to the prison and literally kidnapped a Catholic priest to perform the ceremony in her front yard. Classic.


Beth and Rip recited vows on the fly, and Rip finally got to present Beth with his late mother's ring...a total surprise she wasn't expecting. Even Carter was there, as well as Rip's best man Lloyd. I guess all the Walker drama is behind them because he couldn't have been happier for Rip.

5. Summer's hearing doesn't go as planned

John goes to the courthouse to attend Summer's hearing and is hopeful since he went to talk to the judge on her behalf. It seems that the judge wasn't feeling very generous and decided to make an example out of her, sentencing her to essentially a lifetime in jail.

Furious, John meets the judge in his chambers afterward and gets him to appeal the decision and give her a much lighter sentence because it's the right thing to do. My only question is: what exactly does this mean for Summer's future on the show? I'm kind of assuming she'll want to get as far away from the Dutton family as possible.

6. Beth vs Market Equities

Caroline Warner (Jacki Weaver) bursts into Beth's office and accuses her of being behind New York news outlets catching wind of the protests behind the airport. She promptly fires her and tells her that she's coming after her in a big way. Beth didn't seem to care.... but what about all of those Schwartz & Meyer shares she had taken when she accepted the position? Maybe she just doesn't care anymore because she fired Bob? I guess we'll have to see how this plays out next season...


7. Beth now owns Jamie

In potentially one of the most shocking moments of the episode, Beth goes to prison ready to kill the man who put a hit out on her family in the season premiere. She finds out that Jamie also talked to him and goes to see him at his office, loaded gun in hand and ready to pull the trigger. She makes Jamie a deal he can't refuse after he admits that he discovered his birth father was behind the hit. As a result, Jamie shoots Garrett Randall for trying to kill the Duttons and drags his body out to the "train station" where it will never be seen again. Beth is waiting for him at the cliff and takes a photo of him with the body as blackmail.

One thing that wasn't made clear is how Beth even knew Jamie had a birth father in the first place because she didn't seem surprised at his admission. One thing is clear though, and that's that Beth is definitely in control of her brother now and I'm almost scared to see what's in store for him next season.


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