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'Yellowstone': Every Major Character From The Hit TV Show, Ranked

The Yellowstone season 4 finale has everyone on the edge of their seats as we anxiously wait for the fifth season to premiere in November. The Paramount network's hit TV show has become one of the most popular series currently on television, all thanks to creator Taylor Sheridan and his incredible cast. While good writing is key to making a show successful, it takes some talented actors to actually bring the vision to life.

Following the saga of the Dutton family defending their Yellowstone Ranch never gets old, and the stunning views of Montana as the backdrop don't hurt either. The Duttons are as ruthless as they need to be to keep their family intact while fighting the villains who appear season after season, intent on taking what is theirs. From battling the evil Beck brothers and Dan Jenkins to their current predicament with Market Equities, it seems that the Dutton's have a knack for always coming out on top.

Here is our ranking of all of the major characters in the Yellowstone cast through season 4. (Spoilers below!)

14. Tate Dutton

As the youngest Dutton of the group, Kayce's son Tate comes in at the end of our list. Brecken Merrill has done a great job navigating tough plot points at such a young age, including not only surviving a kidnapping in season 2 and dealing with his parents' marital problems but being dragged around from the reservation to an apartment to life on the Dutton ranch. Not to mention killing a man to save his mom's life — the kid has seen some stuff. We have a feeling there will be some interesting moments for Tate in the seasons ahead as he learns more and more by watching his father and Grandfathers example.

13. Governor Perry

Wendy Moniz and Kevin Costner on Yellowstone

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Based on the season 5 trailer, we should probably call her former Governor Perry. Ever since the first season, John has had a secret on-again-off-again relationship with the governor. We know he'll never be over his late wife Evelyn, but these two have a sweet bond that has served them both personally as well as professionally. Wendy Moniz has officially been upped to a series regular in the upcoming season so we're excited to see what that means for her relationship with John.

12. Jamie Dutton

You almost wonder if you put Jamie Dutton at the top or bottom of the list because he's so good at being the worst. Wes Bentley has truly done a masterful job bringing the character to life and making sure he comes across as complicated as possible. Just when you start feeling sympathetic for him, the show drops a big bombshell on you, revealing an incredibly unappealing moment from Jamie's past, and you go right back to hating him. The big question is, what's next for him now that Beth essentially owns him?

11. Monica Dutton

As Kayce's Native American wife, Kelsey Asbille had a difficult job ahead of her portraying the character of Monica. She's constantly torn between her love for her husband and son and preserving her people's culture and history back on the reservation. Add on top of that the fact that Kayce killed her brother in the series premiere...she's got a lot going on. While there were some moments throughout the first couple of seasons where she could have been too hard on Kayce, we've really been enjoying seeing them come together as a family on the Dutton's ranch followed by their own larger home back on the reservation and enter a new chapter in their marriage. Also surprising, just when you think Monica doesn't have a lot going on, she volunteers to catch a rapist and murderer who killed one of her own on the reservation. The girl has guts; we'll give her that.

10. Mo Brings Plenty

Mo Brings Plenty on Yellowstone

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Ever since the first season, Mo Brings Plenty has been the right-hand man to Cheif Rainwater. He does whatever he says, no questions easy equivalent to Rip and John's relationship. After four seasons, Mo is finally getting more time in the spotlight and has been upped to season regular for season 5. We're excited to see what he and the Chief have planned in their efforts to regain the Yellowstone land.

9. The Bunkhouse Boys

Colby and Ryan on Yellowstone

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What would Yellowstone be without the dedicated ranch hands helping make sure the work gets done? Colby (Denim Richards), Ryan (Ian Bohen), Walker (Ryan Bingham), and everyone else who comes through the Bunkhouse door keeps things interesting and are the ones who volunteer for the dirty work to ensure that enemies of the Duttons pay. From mercilessly teasing Jimmy for being a terrible cowboy to watching an unexpected love connection form between Colby and Teeter, the ranch hands are full of fun and offer moments of comic relief on a show that can be seriously intense.

8. Teeter

Jennifer Landon as Teeter on Yellowstone

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It's hard to pick favorites of the bunkhouse gang, but Teeter is just too much fun to watch. Ever since Jennifer Landon's character was introduced as the scrappy Texan ready to work alongside the boys, she was an easy favorite. Her romance with fellow ranch hand Colby is absolutely adorable and hilarious, and we love that she's an exception to the no girls in the bunkhouse rule because she's also a branded team member.

7. Jimmy Hurdstrom

Jimmy is definitely one of the most unique people at Yellowstone Ranch. The former criminal turned ranch hand was given a second chance and now proudly sports the Yellowstone brand on his chest...a dedicated servant for life. Jefferson White has done such a good job making Jimmy funny, heartfelt, and entertaining, and we particularly enjoy his interactions with Rip. We're anxious to see what's in store for the character as we move into season 5 and he starts his new life with Emily down in Texas. Is he done with the Yellowstone for good?

6. Lloyd Pierce

Forrie J Smith is a real-life cowboy, so that's probably why he's one of the coolest guys on the ranch. He looks right at home on a horse and not only has a special friendship with Jimmy and Rip but has been a loyal ranch hand at Yellowstone for years...meaning he'll do literally anything he's asked. No matter what. He also had no shame in hooking up with a younger girl in season 3, which we can definitely respect. Did anyone else cry when Rip asked him to be his best man? Just me...? One thing I think we can all be excited to move past is the drama surrounding Walker and Lloyd in season 4. We know it wasn't ideal Laramie moved onto the next cowboy, but let's have some peace in the bunkhouse.

5. Chief Thomas Rainwater

Gil Birmingham has made Chief Rainwater one of the most interesting characters to watch on the show. Through all four seasons, Rainwater has had one clear objective in mind — take the Yellowstone land back for his people since he believes it was stolen from them years before. He's made very calculated business decisions in order to get what he wants...from working with the villains from time to time to even knowing when to align himself with John Dutton. We have a feeling he has a few cards up his sleeve he has yet to play, and we can't wait to see what's in store for the reservation, especially after the past two seasons of discussing a new airport, tourism, and more coming to town.

4. Kayce Dutton

Luke Grimes just looks like he grew up on a ranch and plays the youngest Dutton sibling to near perfection. Grimes loves the area so much that he even moved there full-time outside of filming the series. From his history serving with the military overseas to being his mother's favorite child, Kayce has a lot of weight on his shoulders. It's been interesting to watch him reconcile with his family after years of living on the reservation with Monica and Tate and to now actually enjoy following in the path his father has always wanted for him. Despite avoiding it at all costs. Our only hope is that he doesn't get as dark as his father and mess things up with his family in the process...we're rooting for him and Monica!

3. Rip Wheeler

rip wheeler jacket

Is there anyone who doesn't love Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler? Absolutely not. There's just no way. Rip is easily one of the coolest characters on the show, with the craziest background. We saw in flashbacks why he's so loyal to John Dutton after he quite literally saved his life and gave him the second chance he needed. Not to mention the love story he has going with Beth that we can't seem to get enough of. Rip is the ultimate guy to have on your side because he'll be there no matter what, no questions asked.

2. John Dutton

Kevin Costner is the ultimate patriarch, and we honestly couldn't imagine the show without him. The actor is no stranger to the old west...after starring in countless westerns, he even moved out to his own ranch in Colorado. So it makes sense that he looks right at home at the Yellowstone and is maybe the only actor who could have really done John Dutton justice. All he wants to do is preserve his legacy for his children and pass along the ranch he's worked so hard to maintain. And because everyone on the show is complicated, he battles between his secret relationship with Governor Perry and his unwavering love for his late wife, Evelyn. He also has a unique relationship with each of his children, which makes the show even more interesting to watch.

1. Beth Dutton

To be honest, it's really hard to narrow down the characters of this show in a ranked list. But Beth Dutton has to come in as number one regardless because she's just that good. Kelly Reilly has turned Beth into a fan favorite over the past four seasons so effortlessly it's hard to believe it's an actress playing a character. Beth is ruthless, conniving, loyal, impressive, and sometimes scary. But watching her balance out her business life with her softer side exclusively reserved for Rip has been an addicting journey to follow. She has so many demons she's facing, between the guilt of losing her mother, the trauma of being unable to have children, her constant disgust with Jamie, and her unwavering dedication to her father. The show itself needs her as much as Rip does.

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