Michelle Randolph and Darren Mann in '1923.'
Michelle Randolph and Darren Mann in '1923.' (Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2022 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

Drink Like a Dutton With These Delicious 'Yellowstone' and '1923'-Inspired Cocktails


Cracking open a cold one is practically a state-of-being for the cowboys, roughnecks and complicated women of Yellowstone. But the Sheridan-verse has leveled-up its booze game with the Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren-led 1923. A period drama set during Prohibition, 1923 follows the ancestral Duttons through drought, disaster, and the deliciously inviting doors of Bozeman's bootleg liquor scene. The show's fabulous Episode 3 speakeasy set piece is a fantasy filled with glamorous flappers and some seriously impressive cocktails.

Luckily, you can get the taste of the Roaring Twenties right at home. We've rounded up a list of recipes inspired by heavy-drinking Duttons past and present. From the fancy cocktails of 1923 to the bourbons and beers of Yellowstone, there's something here for every palate. So the next time you rack your brain on an endlessly complex Dutton family tree, be sure to have one of these delicious concoctions in hand.

Gin Rickey -- 1923

gin rickey cocktail stock photo

Fresh lime is a must in the classic Gin Rickey. (iStock/Getty Images Plus)

In 1923, Episode 3, Jack Dutton (Darren Mann) and his fiancé Elizabeth (Michelle Randolph) head to a speakeasy in Bozeman to get a taste of what the "fancy folks" are drinking, and they're served a couple of classic, period-accurate gin-based cocktails: the Gin Rickey and the Bee's Knees. The Gin Rickey is a fizzy, refreshing combination of gin (Liquor.com suggests a London dry), fresh lime juice, and club soda. Serve it on the rocks in a highball glass for the classic Rickey look.

Gin Rickey Ingredients

  • 2oz gin
  • 1/2oz freshly squeezed lime juice
  • Club soda
  • Ice cubes

Bee's Knees -- 1923

bee's knees cocktail stock photo

Tart lemon and sweet honey make the perfect pairing in the Bee's Knees cocktail. (iStock/Getty Images Plus)

While Jack and the boys are busy with their Gin Rickeys, Elizabeth enjoys a sweet-and-sour Bee's Knees. Dreamed up by a Parisian bartender in the 1920s, the notoriously girly Bee's Knees is a delicious twist on the Gin Sour, with honey taking the place of sugar in this rich, aromatic, and naturally sweetened cocktail. For the smoothest sip, add all ingredients to an ice-filled shaker and give it a good jostling until the mixture is properly chilled. Strain the liquid gold into a martini glass for a sleek, summery concoction.

Bee's Knees Ingredients

  • 2oz gin
  • 3/4oz freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1/2oz honey syrup (equal parts honey and water)

Buffalo Trace Whiskey -- Yellowstone

Buffalo Trace Whiskey is served at the 2021 Academy Of Country Music Honors Reception. (Brett Carlsen/Getty Images for ACM)

Buffalo Trace Whiskey is served at the 2021 Academy Of Country Music Honors Reception. (Brett Carlsen/Getty Images for ACM)

If you're a Yellowstone fan, you've no doubt heard the bunkhouse boys request a Buffalo Trace on the rocks at least a few times. The Kentucky Bourbon is known for its long, smooth finish and notes of brown sugar, molasses and oak. While Buffalo Trace is great for a classic Old-Fashioned, a creamy, cozy White Buffalo is the stuff of Amaretto-tinged dreams. Shake with ice for a chilly dessert drink on a chilly night in.

White Buffalo Ingredients

  • 2oz Buffalo Trace bourbon
  • 2oz Half and half
  • 1/2oz Hazelnut liqueur
  • 1/2oz Amaretto
  • 1/4oz Simple syrup
  • Dash of cinnamon

Coors Banquet -- Yellowstone

coors banquet

The iconic Coors Banquet stubby bottle. (Coors Banquet/Instagram)

The official beer of Yellowstone, the Coors Banquet (aka the "yellow jacket") is another staple of the bunkhouse cupboards - and a go-to for fan-favorite ranch hand Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser). For an elevated but easy beer-tail, combine a bottle of Banquet with some Cynar (an Italian apéritif). The result? A smoky swig reminiscent of autumn spices.

Coors Banquet + Cynar Ingredients

  • 1 bottle Coors Banquet
  • 1oz Cynar
  • 1 orange slice

Southern Comfort -- Yellowstone

southern comfort cocktail

A Scarlett O'Hara made with Southern Comfort. (Southern Comfort/Instagram)

Cast your mind back to Yellowstone Season 2, Episode 7. Long before declaring their love for each other, Beth and Rip share a bottle of Southern Comfort on the roof like a couple of angsty teenagers. For a tart, ruby-colored refresher that's perfect for summertime or Christmas, try a Scarlett O'Hara -- a fruity combination of Southern Comfort, cranberry juice, and lime. Shake with ice and strain into a Collins glass and voila! it's moonlight and magnolias in your mouth.

Scarlett O'Hara Ingredients

  • 2oz Southern Comfort
  • 60z cranberry juice
  • 1/2oz freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 1/2oz Simple syrup

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