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Yellow Sriracha Makes Red Sriracha Lovers Green With Envy

If you're a fan of spice and hot sauce, chances are you've used Sriracha Chili sauce. This popular condiment has found its spot at the table at many independent restaurants. You're almost guaranteed to see the infamous Sriracha bottle on the tables of restaurants that serve Asian-style soups like pho and ramen.

The original Sriracha was founded by a Vietnamese immigrant, David Tran. He immigrated to the U.S. and started making his own Thai-style sweet and spicy hot sauce. He founded Huy Fong Foods and began mass-producing Huy Fong Sriracha. The unique name comes from the Thai city of Si Racha.

What is Yellow Sriracha Chili Sauce?

yellow sriracha

The lesser-known, but just as delicious version is yellow sriracha. Three Mountains Yellow Sriracha is a product of Thailand. Yellow sriracha hot sauce is made of Thai burapa yellow chiles instead of the traditional red chiles. These chili peppers provide a spicy taste due to their high Scoville count. Don't worry about it blowing out your mouth, as they're still about three times less spicy than a habanero.

Red Sriracha Vs Yellow Sriracha 

The three mountains brand sriracha is more tangy and citrusy than the red sriracha version. Both pack a spicy punch, but the yellow sriracha lingers more on the back of the throat.

Red sriracha is typically easier to find, with it being stocked at most grocery stores in the United States. If you visit Chinatown in New York or San Francisco you'll likely find one if not both brands of sriracha.

One disclaimer for those with gluten intolerance—yellow sriracha is not gluten-free, while red sriracha is. Unfortunately, to keep the hot sauces shelf stable they do have preservatives. On the plus side, both sriracha varieties are extremely low in carbohydrates.

Next time you're doing some Amazon shopping, don't forget to pick up yellow sriracha.

Three Mountains Yellow Sriracha

Using Sriracha

Sriracha is most commonly used to add some spice and flavor to a hearty bowl of ramen. While this is a great use, yellow sriracha can be used for so much more.

One of the best uses of sriracha is to make "sriracha ketchup." Sriracha ketchup is great for hot dogs or for dipping fries. This is especially great if you like the heat/sweet combination. Simply add a few drops of sriracha into ketchup, mix and serve.

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