Yankee Candle Announces Recall Due to Glass Shattering Risk

Yankee Candle/CSPC

Yankee Candle has issued a recall over concerns of their glass candles shattering when lit. The company is known for their fragrant, large candles in glass containers, which are extremely popular during the holiday season.

Not all of their candles are potential hazards; Yankee Candle is only recalling their Luminous Collection Fragrance Candles. The glass used in this specific collection is different from their regular jar candles and may shatter when the candle is burning, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Yikes.

The products were sold for $35 online and at Yankee Candle stores during September and October of this year.

So, if you purchased a Yankee Candle this fall, double check which kind to avoid experiencing potential injury from shattered glass. If you did recently buy one, no need to stress. First off, stop using it and simply return it to your nearest Yankee Candle company-owned retail location. You'll receive a full refund and also one free candle of your choice.

Below are the specific item numbers of the potentially hazardous candles, which have three wicks and are about four inches wide.

1535651: Sea Salt & Coral

1535890: Blackberry & Sage

1535891: Apple Blossom & Melon

1535892: Sugarcane & Honey

1535893: Pine & Sandalwood

1535894: Cinnamon & Cedar

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The item numbers can be found on the bottom of each candle. According to Country Living, the CSPC received 16 accounts of glass breaking. No reported injuries though, thankfully. So, kudos to Yankee Candle for attempting to get ahead of the problem.

For more information, visit the company's official website.

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Yankee Candle Announces Recall Due to Glass Shattering Risk