WWII Veteran
Screengrab via YouTube

WWII Veteran Gets an Incredible Gift from His Neighbors


A neighborhood's moving gift to an active WWII veteran proves that even the smallest act of kindness makes a big difference.

Harvey Djerf has walked along the same path around his neighborhood for decades. Recently, though, it's been a bigger task for the vet to keep on chugging without feeling winded. Neighbors began seeing Djerf struggling to catch his breath while walking his usual route. In response, the people of Plymouth, Minn. got crafty.

In a simple act of kindness, one of the veteran's neighbors set a chair out for him during his twice-a-day walk. "People saw me stopping and catching my breath," the 95-year-old told local station KARE11. "They figured that Harvey maybe needs a place to rest."

That simple act started a chain reaction. A few more neighbors set a chair outside for Harvey to rest in. Next thing he knew, the entire street was full of places for him to stop and catch his breath.

But there is more to Djerf's story than just being a WWII veteran. His beloved wife is recovering away from home in a nursing facility after suffering a stroke. Now, all because of their chairs, he no longer has a reason to feel alone. A reminder of how much others care for him is just a walk away.

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