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Relive 'Groundhog Day' in this Charming Illinois Town


The movie Groundhog Day will always be a classic. It never gets old watching Bill Murray as Phil Connors, the weatherman who gets stuck living the same day over and over again after attending a Groundhog Day festival in Punxsutawney, PA. But did you know that most of the film was actually filmed in the charming city of Woodstock, Illinois?

While the real Punxsutawney is nearly 90 miles outside of Pittsburgh, you can still go to Woodstock and see some of the iconic spots that were featured in the 1993 film. Woodstock Groundhog Days Committee embraces the town's connection to the film. You can even go on a guided walking tour around McHenry County to firsthand see all the film locations.

"I believe we have plaqued every meaningful inch of 'Groundhog Day'-related location in Woodstock humanly possible," committee member Doug Crane told the Chicago Tribute.

The town has regular Groundhog Day-themed events throughout the year in addition to their own music festival, the Woodstock Folk Festival. Here are seven film locations from the movie that you can visit today.


1. Royal Victorian Manor

The Cherry Street Inn Bed and Breakfast where Phil stays is actually the Royal Victorian Manor on Fremont Street. 

2. Wayne's Lanes

The bowling alley where Phil drank away his Groundhog Day frustrations was Wayne's Lanes on East Church Street.

3. Pennsylvanian Hotel

Technically, it wasn't a hotel at all. The Pennsylvanian Hotel where Phil Connors almost stays was actually the historic Woodstock Opera House located at 121 Van Buren Street.

4. Town Square

One of the many funny parts in the film is when Phil continues to bump into Ned Ryerson. You can find that exact street corner at the intersection of Cass Street and Benton Street in the historic Woodstock Square.


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5. Old McHenry County Courthouse

The Old Courthouse is actually the basement bar where Phil was a regular during his cycle of living the same day over and over again. 

6. Piano Lesson House

One of the sweetest parts of the film is how Phil takes advantage of his predicament and takes piano lessons...for $1000. The sweet old lady's house is at 348 South Madison Street, but just know it's private property.

7. Movie Theater

The "Alpine Cinema" where Phil goes to see Heidi II is actually Woodstock Theatre of the Classic Cinemas chain.


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