This Unassuming House Has a Spectacular Surprise Inside

The amazingly decorated Florida home will make you feel like you're in a whole new world.

When you visit Orlando, Florida, there's usually a feeling of fun and magic in nearly anything you do and anywhere you go. Usually, this feeling is restricted to the major theme parks that draw so many visitors to the central Florida town. This Orlando Theme House at Reunion Resort is located just six miles from Disney World and is hiding an amazing secret. Once you walk through its doors, you are transported to a different world with each room that you walk into.

This relaxing is one of two master bedrooms in the home. A king sized bed is nestled inside an old boat frame that's surrounded by large rocks that makes it feel like you've just washed up on a distant island.


This adorably rustic room features a treehouse-style bunk bed, green as grass carpeting and fake foliage that makes you feel like you're having a camping excursion.


This crazy space themed room features a shiny silver queen bed surrounded by a full-size NASA astronaut figure, lit up stars on the ceiling and a cool mural of the moon's surface on the back wall.

This theater room is meant to mirror a drive-in, and has its own couches and seating that resemble 1950's car and truck tailgates. Fake plants and the sky mural makes it really feel like you're enjoying your film in a retro setting outside.


The lounge area even sports its own cool New York City theme, complete with a yellow taxi pool table and subway signage on the walls.

Want to stay in this crazy cool house yourself? You can rent out the home year-round with rates starting at $714 per night. For more information, you can visit the Orlando Theme Homes' website.

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Images via Orlando Theme House at Reunion Resort

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This Unassuming House Has a Spectacular Surprise Inside