You Have to See Johnny Cash's Hilarious Elvis Impersonation

Silver Screen Collection/Hulton Archive/Getty Images, Elvis Presley Enterprises Graceland

Johnny Cash is known for his talents as an incredible musician and songwriter. Did you know that he was also a pretty great Elvis Presley impersonator?

The two musicians toured together back in 1959, with Cash acting as Elvis' opening act. He would regularly poke fun at his tour-mate by doing hilarious impersonations of him during his set. Sometimes, Elvis would even join him during his comedy routine and play a song or two together.

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In the hilarious clip above, you can see a young Johnny Cash as he combs out his hair and takes on the persona of Elvis. "If I lose my pants I'll have to charge you extra to get in next time," he jokes with the crowd.

He does his own interpretation of the thrusting dances that drove female Elvis fans wild, although it doesn't go quite as smoothly for him.

The video is a rare piece of musical history that shows Cash's good humor and talents when it came to working his crowd.

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You Have to See Johnny Cash's Hilarious Elvis Impersonation