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You Won't Believe What Chick-fil-A Does With Their Used Cups

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Most of us love Chick-fil-A for their incredible customer service and always delicious assortment of chicken. Now, there's yet another reason to love one of America's most popular fast food chains.

Every day, Chick-fil-A gives out thousands of beverages inside styrofoam cups to its customers. Although many love the cups' ability to keep your drinks cold for an extended period of time, styrofoam is widely known to be very difficult to recycle. This issue didn't go unnoticed by Chick-fil-A, who have made it their mission to make sure their discarded cups are used for a better purpose.

Click below to see the step-by-step process of how Chick-fil-A gives new life to their discarded styrofoam cups.

Bags of used cups are shipped to a special recycling facility, where they are crushed and condensed down into a large log. From there, they are mixed with other materials and molded down into an L-shape.

These will eventually become the legs to benches that have been placed in parks and outside restaurants across the country. Other recycling locations also use the blocks of used polystyrene to create writing pens and name badges for employees. 

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You Won't Believe What Chick-fil-A Does With Their Used Cups