Woman Has Terrifyingly Close Encounter with a Florida Panther

Florida is a notoriously dangerous place, full of wildlife that has the potential to poison, maim or terrify unsuspecting pedestrians. At least one woman from Madison, Wisconsin learned that lesson the hard way. She had an in-your-face, personal encounter with an adult panther.

Tina Dorschel was walking through Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary in Naples, Florida recently. She happened to have her phone up and recording to capture the beauty of the swamp and its wildlife.

She notes on her Facebook page that she had already seen a gator, a snake, frogs and beautiful birds that day.

She didn't expect to see a large panther dashing directly toward her down the wooden walkway. Lucky for Dorschel the cat just wanted to get past the humans and out of the limelight. Fortunately for us, she caught the whole encounter on camera.

While this video is bone-chilling, the official state animal of Florida is actually a very shy and reclusive cat. They are also an endangered species, and it's extremely rare to see one this close. A healthy panther population requires around 200 square miles of land for each healthy adult cat to roam in.

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Woman Has Terrifyingly Close Encounter with a Florida Panther