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Woman Finds Feathered Chicken Wing at San Antonio Restaurant

Here's to hoping you're still a huge fan of chicken wings after you read this one.

A San Antonio woman claims that she was served a fully feathered chicken wing at her local Wingstop. Analisa Acevedo ordered an 8-piece combo meal at her local Wingstop, across the way from San Antonio College. She called in the order near the end of business hours to take home and share with her girlfriend.

Acevedo was upset by the poor service she received when she went to pick up the order, something that usually never happened for the Wingstop fanatic. Unfortunately, that wasn't the only upsetting part of her evening with Wingstop. When she returned home, Acevedo's girlfriend made a disgusting discovery - a fully feathered chicken wing. Adding insult to injury, Acevedo says her girlfriend was traumatized after throwing up at the sight of the wing.

After her "un-clucky" situation with her combo meal, Acevedo returned to the Wingstop on 1107 San Pedro. She says that when she came asking for a refund for the feathered wing, the manager refused to do so at first. On top of that, apparently the manager called the police on Acevedo as she waited in her car.

Acevedo got a full refund, and the franchise owner of the Wingstop was informed of the unfortunately feathered mix-up. Franchise owner Charles Loflin released a statement shortly after Acevedo's Facebook post of the feathered wing incident went viral. "As the independent owner of this franchised Wingstop location, I take this matter very seriously. Food quality and health standards are of the utmost importance to me and the Wingstop brand."

By the time Acevedo returned home with her refund, her Facebook post had already receieved over 15,000 shares. Maybe Acevedo's misfortune will serve as a reminder the next time you go to enjoy a chicken wing or two - always check for feathers.

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Woman Finds Feathered Chicken Wing at San Antonio Restaurant