This Woman Fearlessly Tackled One of The Biggest Snakes You’ve Ever Seen

Screengrab via YouTube

Would you be brave enough to tackle a 6-foot Yellow Tailed Cribo snake?

Researcher Renata Leite Pitman did just that when she encountered the monster snake near Amigos Biological Station in Peru. While most would run away at the sight of a snake so large and powerful, Pitman simply decided to show it who’s boss.

The Yellow Tailed Cribo comes from one of the largest snake families on the planet. Usually, they sport a dark gray or black neck that fades to sulfur yellow by mid body and have a yellow head. The average adult Yellow Tailed Cribo will grow to be between five and seven feet, but can sometimes measure up to 10 feet long.

The skin on this snake is especially smooth, which allows it to easily maneuver down holes and through the undergrowth to find its prey. Since it is such a large and powerful snake, it preys on any number of animals. From birds to mice, and even other snakes, the Yellow Tailed Cribo is a skilled hunter. It can take on some of the most venomous snakes in existence and still manage to come out as the victor.

While these snakes are usually fairly tame, they will attack when they feel threatened. Those handling the snake must keep its massive bite potential in mind. The Yellow Tailed Cribo is known to have one of the most powerful bites in the snake kingdom.

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This Woman Fearlessly Tackled One of The Biggest Snakes You’ve Ever Seen