Whiskey and Wine on the Rails

This Music Festival on a Train Lets You Party Like it's the 1950s

If you don't think you're a typical music festival fan, this Muddy Roots music event might be for you. This music festival of sorts is indoors, which sounds like more of a first-class experience compared to standing in line for the port-o-potties and listening to your favorite performers while baking in the hot sun.

Muddy Roots Music's Wine on the Rails combines music, wine, and all on a vintage 1950s passenger train. Now in its fourth year, the wine train will be adding whiskey from a local distillery to the menu for this year's trip on September 14. 

Whiskey and Wine on the Rails

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Because everyone loves a good theme, passengers are encouraged to wear vintage outfits on their journey through the Upper Cumberland to Carthage Junction with a stop at the DelMonaco Winery (where you can get lunch). Passengers are strictly 21+ since alcohol is one of the main elements of the experience.

While enjoying live music during the journey, passengers will get to sample locally-distilled whiskey and wine tastings of Tennessee craft wine. Doesn't this just sound like the perfect mini getaway with a group of friends? If you're feeling too fancy for the rest of the train, there is a rooftop coach for the ultimate panoramic view of the landscape, but there's only room for 20 in the dome seating. Don't worry, there are plenty of comfortable coach accommodations as well.

Whiskey and Wine on the Rails

And don't think you'll be the only one dressing up. The attendants will also be looking like a blast from the past and will be ready to distribute breakfast biscuits, snacks, drinks you name it. And, of course, merch that's available for purchase as well as additional refreshments in the diner car.

During the trip, you'll listen to live Americana, country, blues, and bluegrass music all from the comfort of a comfortable seat where you can enjoy or Tennessee Whiskey or summer wine.

The train excursion will depart at 10 am from the Tennessee Central Railway Museum in Nashville and you'll be returned at 5 pm. Tickets are non-refundable so make sure to schedule with your friends accordingly and party like its 1959!

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