This Portable Wine Chiller Is Perfect For Cold Wine (and Champagne) At the Park

Whether you're a wine enthusiast or just someone who enjoys a glass every now and then, it's well known that the best serving temperature for white wine is when it's chilled. Trying to keep wine at the perfect temperature in the summer months can be tough, especially if you're on the go and don't have access to a wine fridge or wine cellar. A wine chiller is a great way to keep your wine cold for hours, so it's still at the ideal temperature when you pour it.

A wine bottle chiller is a must-have accessory for wine lovers, especially if you love taking your favorite wine on a picnic or enjoying a bottle outside. Using a wine chiller bucket with ice can be tedious, they're not easy to transport, and the ice only lasts for so long. These genius portable wine chillers are perfect for keeping your wine cool on the go, wherever you may find yourself.

Best Wine Chillers

Best Overall

1. Vinglacé Wine Bottle Insulator | Stainless Steel | Double Walled | Vacuum Insulated | Tritan Plastic Adjustable Top | Keeps Wine & Champagne Cold for Hours | 10" x 11" x 12" | Copper

The stainless steel, double-walled, and vacuum-insulated design on this wine chiller ensures that cold bottles will be kept cold and won't be covered in condensation. This can fit a variety of bottles of wine, including red, white, and champagne. Keep it on your countertop during dinner parties to keep everyone's wine glasses full of perfectly chilled wine.

Best Under $70

2. Huski Wine Cooler | Premium Iceless Wine Chiller | Keeps Wine Cold up to 6 Hours | Award Winning Design | New Wine Accessory | Fits Some Champagne Bottles | Perfect Gift for Wine Lovers (Stainless)

Described as a "next-generation ice bucket," this wine and champagne chiller can keep your bottles cold for up to six hours. It fits most traditional wine bottles and champagne bottles, excluding a few of the wider varieties like Dom Perignon and Korbel. The double-wall design gives you chilled wine for hours. It's a great tabletop wine cooler to keep everyone's wine glasses full without having to keep going to the fridge.

Best for Quick Cooling (and Under $25)

3. Vacu Vin Rapid Ice Elegant Wine Cooler - Black

This two-part wine chiller uses an internal insulator (kept in the freezer until use) and an outer shell to chill wine in as little as five minutes and keep it cool for hours. It's lightweight and easy to bring to virtually any event, plus it's one of the more affordable wine coolers available on Amazon.

Best for Budget

4. Le Creuset Wine Cooler Sleeve, Black

Perfect for picnics or taking a bottle to a summer concert on a lawn, this bottle wine cooler is made of lightweight and durable nylon. Two inner gel packs (kept in the freezer before use) keep wine cold for hours.

Best for the Kitchen

5. Koblenz 4-Bottle Free Standing Single Zone Fridge and Chiller Wine Cooler, One Size, Black

For someone looking to upgrade their home bar, this wine fridge is a must-have. It can fit up to four bottles and replaces any need for a wine cellar if you don't like to collect too many bottles at once. It has a four-bottle capacity and will keep wine at the ideal temperature, whether you're storing white wine or red wine.

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