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Watch Alison Krauss' Haunting Performance of 'I Never Cared for You' on Colbert

Alison Krauss provided a haunting performance of a Willie Nelson classic during her stop at the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

First thing's first: if you haven't yet, check out our review of Alison Krauss' new album Windy City. It provides a bit of context and backstory to this amazing performance.

Though, honestly, you don't need an ounce of backstory to fall in love with this performance. Krauss stopped by Colbert to perform one of the album's most beautifully haunting tracks.

On her cover of Nelson's "I Never Cared For You," everyone shines. From Krauss' immaculate vocals, to the airtight harmonies and band performances, you see why people fall in love with her. (And why the live tracks on the deluxe edition of Windy City sound almost indiscernible from studio takes).

Willie Nelson's original version of "I Never Cared For You" kind of flew under the radar. Obviously a great song, perhaps it just takes somebody like Krauss to breathe vocal life into it.

The arrangement and performance mimic the recorded performance almost perfectly. Of course, Krauss' singing takes center stage. But the tasteful guitar playing and moody lap steel provide gorgeous context for the whole track.

"I Never Cared For You" is one of the standout tracks on Windy City. Since the entire album comprises classics from decades past, you can rest assured that's high praise.

For the album, Krauss worked with Willie Nelson's longtime producer Buddy Cannon. The pair chose the classic songs together, which perhaps explains how they settled on this Nelson tune.

While there are tons of amazing songs written by the country legend, the Spanish influence really sets "I Never Cared For You" apart on Windy City. Plus, the uptempo, flamenco-esque vibe provides a wonderful change of pace.

Windy City is Alison Krauss' first new album in nearly 20 years. She released the record Feb. 17, and it has since racked up plenty of praise and critical acclaim.

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