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Songwriter Finds, Returns Bag of Cash Belonging to Local Restaurant

California folk singer Willy Tea Taylor made news recently for returning a bag full of cash that he found laying on the side of the road to its rightful  owner.

Taylor was taking his girlfriend to celebrate her birthday after having borrowed 40 bucks to fund the celebration when they witnessed a binder of cash fly off the hood of a car in front of them.

"It was a pretty good amount of money", Taylor told The Oakdale Leader.

The sack of cash turned out to belong to local restaurateur Anthony Borges, proprietor of Oakdale institution The Snow White Drive-In.

"I was going nuts," Borges said about losing his deposit. "They came down and delivered the entire thing. I asked them, 'What do I owe you' and he (Taylor) just said 'Friends for life'."

Did Taylor even consider keeping the money, if only to pay back the 40 dollars he had to borrow to buy his partner a birthday dinner? Not a chance.

"It didn't even cross our minds. We were just so happy we found that for them," said Taylor. "People are kind of making a big deal out of it, but I'd imagine all of my friends would do the same thing."

[H/T Saving Country Music]

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