Willie Nelson's Son Moves The Crowd Filling in for Sick Dad
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Watch Willie Nelson's Son Lukas Sing A Moving Cover Of "Always On My Mind" While Filling In For Sick Dad

They always say, 'like father, like son.' Sometimes, this plainly isn't true, especially in music. Whereas one person shares their tremendous gifts with the world, the other might relish in the ordinary. It's rare to see one seamlessly step in for the other. For Lukas Nelson, it doesn't seem to be an issue filling in for his old man Willie.

Willie Nelson still powers through it all like it's nothing. Over 60 years into the game, he still releases music, with an album dropping in May. But he isn't invincible either. Despite being one of country's greatest icons, Willie still gets sick like the rest of us. Consequently, he cancels his performance at the 2024 Outlaw Music Festival. His social media post reads, "We regret to inform you that Willie Nelson is not feeling well and, per doctor's orders, has been advised to rest for the next four days."

However, all is not lost. Willie is all good and he's slated to come back to the festival tour once he freshens up. Additionally, His son Lukas steps in with no problem. He shines while taking over his dad's setlist.


Lukas Nelson covering @WillieNelson’s “Always On My Mind” at Outlaw Music Festival in Charlotte?

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Lukas Nelson Wows in "Always On My Mind" Performance

Lukas' credentials speak for themselves. It's not just Willie's tutelage and his music doing the heavy lifting for his son. He's clearly talented enough to capture Neil Young's attention and produce two albums with him. Moreover, he flexes his own chops by releasing numerous records with his band Promise of the Real.

So, it's not even remotely surprising that Lukas Nelson shakes the crowd for the festival crowd. When he sings Willie's iconic cover of "Always On My Mind, the crowd stands in awe. The Tik Tok comments reflect this. "Holy cow. He's incredible," one person exclaims. "The apple didn't even fall!!"

Another viewer observes how well Lukas invokes his father on the stage. "With Lukas singing, we'll never be without Willie Nelson," they say. "Sounds just like his dad."