Willie Nelson's New Pot Brand Gets Private Funding


Willie Nelson has new support for his new "premium cannabis lifestyle brand".

It was announced earlier this year Nelson would soon sell branded marijuana in Colorado and Washington, where recreational use has been legalized, under the name Willie's Reserve.

This week, it was announced that a New York-based private equity firm, Tuatara Capital, will invest in the brand's development process. This isn't a completely surprising development, as many other celebrities have been earning private investment support for their own marijuana brand projects. According to Time, the family of reggae legend Bob Marley recently announced a partnership from a private investment firm to be used toward the development of a brand of cannabis named Marley Natural.

Nelson is known for his well-documented marijuana use and sees these new cannabis-centric business efforts as a step in the right direction for society in general.

"I hear stories from people across the country about how the end of marijuana prohibition is improving their lives," Nelson said, according to the Daily Mail. "Legal marijuana makes sense. Good business will prove it can work in America."

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Willie Nelson's New Pot Brand Gets Private Funding