Willie Nelson’s Family Band Tour Bus is Hitting the Auction Block

If you want to live life on the road like Willie Nelson, listen up! The country legend’s custom-built 1983 bus is being auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Nelson originally commissioned four unique busses to be built for himself and his touring band. In 2014, the “Me and Paul” bus was purchased by a group of entrepreneurs in Austin, Texas. They came together to restore the bus to its former glory and rented it out for everything from weddings to concert green rooms. Now, one lucky bidder can make it their very own.

“The “Me and Paul” bus is the only well-preserved bus out of the four,” the auction website reads. “This is super unique because most tour buses are used for a tour then get retro-fitted for another client and the band never uses it again. Besides some mechanical upgrades, this bus has been very well preserved and still looks like the inside of a vintage stage coach or VIP train car complete with rich Mahogany, many leather boundings, and crushed red velvet.”

You can get a sneak peek of the tour bus’s interior in the video below.

If you’ve got a few thousand bucks on hand, you can throw your hat into the bidding ring. As of today (Oct. 14), the highest bid is set at $47,800. You can find out more about the bus and submit your bid at

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Willie Nelson’s Family Band Tour Bus is Hitting the Auction Block