Willie Nelson Roadie Marks 64th Year on the Road, New Film Examines His Life

Ben Dorcy, Willie Nelson’s longtime roadie, is featured in a revealing documentary that showcases his accomplishments and what it takes to stay in the business.

90-year-old Ben Dorcy has become a living legend in the music industry.

You may not know him by name, but he has been a fixture on touring circuit for most of his life. The oldest living roadie has traveled with some of the biggest names in music, including Elvis Presley, Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash. For the past 64 years, he’s acted as a roadie and close friend of Willie Nelson.

Thanks to Nelson’s nephew and youngest daughter, Dorcy has become the focus of a feature-length documentary about his esteemed career and the challenges behind being a roadie. The film, King of the Roadies, is awaiting funding to finish the film. The production team hopes to raise $100,000 to fund the project by June 21. The film has been in production for over 10 years, and the team hopes to bring the finished product into distribution in 2016.

“I saw some of it and it’s really good,” Willie Nelson told Rolling Stone. “I’m really proud of Amy and Trevor for doing it. Ben’s my old buddy. We’ve been together for a long time and I’m glad to see him get a little recognition.”

“I appreciate everything that’s being done for me,” Dorcy said of the film focused around his life. “It’s a very nice thing to do. And it will be a good movie. When the movie comes out, be sure and watch it. I think everybody will love it.”

The King of the Roadies Kickstarter campaign concludes June 20th, 2015 and has currently raised over $13,000.

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Willie Nelson Roadie Marks 64th Year on the Road, New Film Examines His Life