Watch Willie Nelson Get 'Ready to Roar' in New Video

In his fourth music video from his new record Last Man Standing, Willie Nelson gears listeners up to get "Ready to Roar" on a Friday night after a long work week. Like the videos for the rocking title track, the witty "Bad Breath" and the mournfully beautiful "Something You Get Through," Nelson lets viewers get an intimate insiders look in the studio recording for his latest album.

Last Man Standing was released on April 27th, just a couple of days ahead of Willie's 85th birthday. And that's not the only project he's been working on. He recently debuted a new strain of cannabis as part of Willie's Reserve appropriately called "Last Man Standing."

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This is an exciting time for Willie, who's still creating incredible work in a successful music career that's spanned six decades. "Ready to Roar" lyrically tells the tale of a blue collar man reaching the end of a rough week and getting ready to let loose on Friday night, but it also lets listeners know that Willie himself is still keeping on his toes, singing, "Ready to roar, ready to roar/It's five o'clock and I'm out that door/I'm hot and dusty, I'm tired and wore/But it's Friday night and I'm ready to roar."

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Watch Willie Nelson Get 'Ready to Roar' in New Video