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Willie Nelson to Host 'Red Headed Stranger' Screening at His Texas Ranch


Fans making the pilgrimage to Luck, Texas for Willie Nelson's legendary 4th of July Picnic can stick around to see the cult 1986 western film The Red Headed Stranger on its set. Rolling Roadshow and Luck Productions co-present the film on Sat., June 6 as the kickoff for this summer's Luck Cinema series.

The outdoor event on Nelson's ranch debuts a digitized version of the classic film, created by the American Genre Film Archive for its first live screening in almost 20 years.

The film is based on Nelson's groundbreaking 1975 concept album of the same name. After years of start-and-stop attempts, including a stretch during which Robert Redford was to portray the title character, a smaller budget-version was made, co-starring Nelson and Morgan Fairchild.


Prior to the screening, Nelson will take to the front porch of his personal "World Headquarters" clubhouse to engage in conversation with some of the film's key players.

Per a press release, Nelson's Luck, Texas Ranch was built in 1986 as the set for the film and, when the script called for the town to burn down, Nelson requested a change in the storyline, simply to preserve the old western town he calls his own to this day.

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Other on-site attractions include memorabilia from the Wittliff Collections, founded by the film's late director and screenwriter Bill Wittliff and his wife, Sally.


Tickets for the event and an on-site dinner go on sale tomorrow (June 20) at 10 a.m. CST.

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