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Willie Nelson Wants Loretta Lynn to Give Pot a Second Chance


Loretta Lynn recently opened up about trying marijuana for the first time. The 84-year-old didn't like it, but her friend Willie Nelson thinks she should give it another chance.

According to Billboard, Lynn recently experimented with marijuana in an effort to treat her glaucoma. Although Lynn says she was not a fan of the herb, marijuana advocate Nelson thinks he can get her to change her mind.

"She's got a lot of guts," Nelson said in an interview with the Associated Press. "She'll try anything. Maybe I should help her."

We're anxiously waiting to hear if Lynn will accept Nelson's offer. He's been helping the cause for a long time as an advocate for its legalization, an effort that could become even more difficult with the U.S.'s recent political shift. He still remains hopeful that politicians will see the good in the wacky tobacky.


"I think people would be smarter than that," Nelson explained. "You look and see the benefits. You weigh them against the things that might possibly happen. I think marijuana is probably the safest medicine you can take. These new guys that are coming in there trying to shut it down, I don't think they will be successful. People will say, 'Hey wait a minute. Heroin, cocaine, OK. But it grows in the ground. It seems to be normal. Let it alone.'"

Nelson believes in the benefits of pot so much that he created a "premium cannabis lifestyle brand." He sells the branded marijuana, called Willie's Reserves, in Colorado and Washington, where recreational use of the drug is legal.

Maybe all Lynn needs to change her mind is a little time with Nelson and Willie's Reserves.

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