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Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

Willie Nelson is Still Kicking (Literally) After Catching the Flu

Willie Nelson is kicking the flu's butt - almost literally. Yesterday, Willie's son, Lukas Nelson, tweeted a picture of his pop taking aim at a punching bag. This photo is worth a thousand words, especially since Nelson was reported to have come down with the flu last week.

Since Nelson is 84 years old, and this year has seen a particuarly brutal flu season, many have been concerned about Nelson's health. He recently had to cancel all of his February shows due to doctors orders, though he kept his dates from March 5 onward. Nelson's immune system was probably already knocked down from a cold or flu-like bug he had in January, which also led him to cancel multiple dates.

But the tweeted photo from Lukas will bring many who are worried about Nelson a sigh of relief. Nelson is blurry in motion while kicking a small speed-punching bag that would be difficult for most people to mange to reach with their foot. Somehow, Nelson still has a rather calm, kind look on his face even during the workout.

Nelson's flu battle serves a good reminder to keep vigilant about fighting germs during this flu season that the CDC warns is still running rampant through the United States.

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