Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson Gets Held Hostage by the Super Troopers



Stars of Super Troopers 2 held Willie Nelson "hostage" on his tour bus to get the country music legend and famed marijuana aficionado to promote their upcoming film.

The original Super Troopers film came out in 2001 and gained a cult following for its over-the-top stoner comedy that's not meant to be taken seriously for even a moment. The movies' characters are foul-mouthed members of law enforcement who sport khaki uniforms and huge mustaches and spend a lot of time pranking each other. The follow-up to the early 2000s film was crowd-sourced by fans who wanted another hit.

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In Willie's promo, it's clear this hostage situation is completely tongue-in-cheek and Willie is having a blast recording the silly segment since he has such a great sense of humor. But there is a very brief but genuine look of fear on his face when they threaten to break his sky blue bong. That's a serious threat in Willie's world.

At the end of the short clip the call to "Save Willie's Bong" by seeing Super Troopers 2 flashes across the screen to encourage all of those who celebrate the unofficial holiday of 4/20 to head to theaters tomorrow to catch the release of the film.

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