Willie Nelson Entertains the Daily Show in Typical Outlaw Fashion [WATCH]

Watch Willie Nelson steal the spotlight on the Daily Show, with his ageless outlaw country charm. 

The legendary Willie Nelson dropped by the Daily Show on Tuesday (May 5), and the seasoned country star did not disappoint. Stewart and Nelson kicked back and talked like old friends, sipping on drinks and discussing guitars, songwriting, and drugs.

"You've been writing songs like crazy since the Fifties, touring relentlessly, putting out the most prolific music [in] different styles," said Stewart."How does someone who smokes so much pot get this much done?"

"I don't know," Nelson laughed humorously. "What are we drinking?"

Nelson visited the Daily Show to promote the release of his memoir, It's a Long Story: My Life, which recounts the whole of the stars early life, songwriting, career, and awards. "I never had a problem writing songs," he says, "whether they're good or not, I don't know. But writing a song wasn't hard work."

One of the most shocking tales Nelson recalled that night, was one of his relentless love for his guitar, Trigger. Nelson has been rocking the same guitar since 1969. Nelson treats Trigger like a child.

"My house burned, and Trigger was in the house," Nelson reflects,"so I went in the house and got Trigger."

Nelson, 82, is still touring full time and has a summer packed full of shows. His 4th of July Picnic returns to Austin this year for the first time in 5 years.

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Willie Nelson Entertains the Daily Show in Typical Outlaw Fashion [WATCH]