See Willie Nelson Answer Jimmy Kimmel’s Three Ridiculous Questions

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Willie Nelson’s answered a lot of questions in his career. After all, the 83-year-old legend counts about six decades of music making in his life. And with all those tunes comes a lot of interviews and guest spots.

But has he ever answered these questions? Not until now.

Jimmy Kimmel recently sat down with the country star in a “bar” and asked him “three ridiculous questions.” He starts by mentioning Nelson’s new “Christmas tale” book, Pretty Paper. The book answers a lot of questions, Kimmel notes. But not these.

If you were going to die fighting an animal, what would it be? What do you think of the name Kenneth for a baby? Ever used an emoji? The hardest hitting of questions.

Death by rabbit seems like a particularly cute way to go. And we’d probably have to take Nelson in that one, seeing as he’s made it this far in his illustrious career.

Meanwhile, Kenneth does actually seem like a really great name for a horse. And though Willie Nelson says he doesn’t use emojis, there’s still plenty of time. You know, a braided redhead emoji would look like a mighty fine addition to the whole slate.

Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to get right to the heart of matters. And Willie, please do your best to avoid any particularly feisty looking rabbits.

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See Willie Nelson Answer Jimmy Kimmel’s Three Ridiculous Questions