Willie Nelson Has No Time for Your Negativity

"A negative thought will kill ya," Willie Nelson says in a new interview with AARP. In the two and a half minute video, viewers get a glimpse at the musician's journey and how he manages to stay so motivated at 85-years-old.

Nelson continues to drop some knowledge by sharing his philosophy on life that he suggests others take as well. "I don't do what I don't wanna do, but if I wanna do it, get out of the goddamn way," he said. Nelson has maintained that attitude throughout his career which has gotten him to where he is today as a trailblazer of outlaw country.

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Nelson has suffered some health setbacks this year, and he recently walked off of the stage before hitting a single note while in Charlotte, N.C. on May 26th. A statement released later explained that Nelson had a stomach bug.

But Nelson knows how to bounce back, and his music is as strong as ever as heard on his latest record, Last Man Standing. Nelson plans on continuing to tour well into November of this year. As he sings in his recent music video for "Ready to Roar," "I'm hot and dusty, I'm tired and wore/But it's Friday night and I'm ready to roar."

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Willie Nelson Has No Time for Your Negativity