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Willie Nelson Announces New Album 'A Beautiful Time'

Country legend Willie Nelson has announced that he'll release his new album A Beautiful Time on his 89th birthday, April 29.

Nelson previewed the album with the release of "I'll Love You Till the Day I Die," written by Rodney Crowell and Chris Stapleton.

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Produced by Nelson's longtime musical collaborator Buddy Cannon, A Beautiful Time features five new songs penned by Nelson and Cannon. The album also features Nelson's cover of the Lennon-McCartney classic "With a Little Help from My Friends" and a rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Tower of Song."

Nelson will perform at Chris Stapleton's Concert For Kentucky on Saturday, April 23.

'A Beautiful Time' Track List:

1. "I'll Love You Till the Day I Die" (Rodney Crowell and Chris Stapleton)
2. "My Heart Was a Dancer" (Willie Nelson and Buddy Cannon)
3. "Energy Follows Thought" (Willie Nelson and Buddy Cannon)
4. "Dreamin' Again" (Jack Wesley Routh and Douglas Graham)
5. "I Don't Go to Funerals" (Willie Nelson and Buddy Cannon)
6. "A Beautiful Time" (Shawn Camp)
7. "We're Not Happy (Till You're Not Happy)" (Shawn Camp and Charles R. Humphrey III)
8. "Dusty Bottles" (Jim "Moose" Brown, Scotty Emerick and Don Sampson)
9. "Me and My Partner" (Ken Lambert)
10. "Tower of Song" (Leonard Cohen)
11. "Live Every Day" (Willie Nelson and Buddy Cannon)
12. "Don't Touch Me There" (Willie Nelson and Buddy Cannon)
13. "With a Little Help From My Friends" (John Lennon and Paul McCartney)
14. "Leave You With a Smile" (Buddy Cannon, Bobby Terry and Matt Rossi)