William Clark Green Brings Josh Abbott to Tears with $20,000 Donation for His Mom

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William Clark Green and Brady Black, fiddle player for Randy Rogers Band, surprised their friend and fellow musician Josh Abbott with a gift he'll never forget.

Earlier this year, Abbott's father passed away just days after suffering a stroke. Understandably, Abbott canceled shows throughout the entire ordeal, so that he could spend some time with his family. Along with the emotional heartache that comes with such a loss, the family had some huge bills to pay. Abbott's mom was stuck with the loss of her husband along with medical and funeral costs.

This week, Green and Black surprised Abbott with a touching (and very generous) gift: $20,000 to cover his late father's medical and funeral bills. That's when friends become family.

I'm rarely without words, and this was a moment I couldn't even speak; I simply cried on stage. Thank you @wcgmusic & Brady Black for putting this together. Losing dad was hard enough; the bills & worrying made it harder. This will help my mom a lot in her transition moving forward....thank you @wadebowen for helping do this too. Anyone that says Texas country isn't about family & camaraderie hasn't experienced it the way we have. These guys know I'd help them if their family ever needed it. Our upcoming album sings about "friends who are friends through the lows and the highs" and these are just a few of those kind of friends. Special thank you to @charlieshafter @kaitlinbutts @parkerymccollum @corymorrowband @kevinfowler @jonwolfecountry @austin_meade for playing; and to @randyrogersband @turnpiketroubadours and anyone else I'm missing for the donations. And to @davelytle & @williesjoint for helping out as well! Incredible

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"Josh has done more for me in the music business for me than anyone. I've been trying for nine years to figure out how to pay him back," Geen said in the video. "Tonight the proceeds are going to Josh's mom to help them out with what they went through this year."

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William Clark Green Brings Josh Abbott to Tears with $20,000 Donation for His Mom