William Clark Green Joins the Circus for 'Ringling Road' [VIDEO]

Screengrab via Vevo

Texas country artist William Clark Green explores the darker sides of the circus in his eerie new video for "Ringling Road".

In the cinematic video, Green escorts a policeman investigating the death of a clown through their circus. In reality, the big top is hiding a freak show filled with a cast of shady and suspicious characters. This definitely isn't the kind of place you'd want to take your kids on their birthday.

"We wanted to hit a couple of levels," Green said of the video to Rolling Stone Country. "We wanted it creepy, but also just dark. The whole idea of the song is what goes on at a circus or a carnival after everyone leaves, and what happens is basically everyone gets pretty f--ked up."

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As we are introduced to the circus' bearded lady, a set of suspicious Siamese twins and even a pet monkey, Green tries to show the policeman that they have nothing to hide. It all leads up to a plot twist that adds in an extra kick of creepiness before the curtains close on "Ringling Road."

So, does the investigator ever figure out which one of these crazy characters is the murderer? Click below to take a journey down "Ringling Road" and find out for yourself.

William Clark Green - Ringling Road from Evan Kaufmann on Vimeo.

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William Clark Green Joins the Circus for 'Ringling Road' [VIDEO]