This Texas-Shaped Pool May Become a Historical Landmark

There's a new campaign pushing to make this Texas-shaped swimming pool into an official historical landmark.

The board of directors of the Texas Pool in Plano are working to make the 54-year-old community pool into a protected historical site. If they are awarded the designation, they will have more support and funding to help preserve the pool and keep it running for years to come. Originally built in 1961, the pool has been kept running thanks to yearly membership dues. According to the Dallas Morning News, the board says they only have 150 members, compared to 325 during the pool's heyday.

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Many of the board members view the pool as a piece of family-friendly history that needs to be enjoyed for generations to come. Janet Moos, CEO of the Texas Pool Foundation, sees the pool as a rare place that allows the "recapturing of those slow mellow days we've lost in our technological race for success." She says, "It's been frozen in time in many ways."

To gain the designation of being an official historical landmark, the board must supply proof the site is at least 50 years old, is structurally sound and has some sort of important historical significance.

To see more photos and learn more about the Texas Pool, visit its official website.

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This Texas-Shaped Pool May Become a Historical Landmark