Will Kimbrough
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Song Premiere: Will Kimbrough's Spirited 'I'm Not Running Away'

When Alabama-native Will Kimbrough isn't performing with the legendary Emmylou Harris' band, he's busy with his own successful solo career. His latest offering is I Like it Down Here (out on April 19), an examination of the region that shaped him: the Deep South.

"I'm Not Running Away," which Wide Open Country is premiering today, is a celebration of life on the road.

Kimbrough says, despite the reputation of road warriors, the highway life hasn't impeded his ability to live life to the fullest. In fact, it's done just the opposite.

"I have been living on the road since I graduated from high school," Kimbrough tells Wide Open Country. "And yet I'm in a 25 year marriage, and we've just about raised two amazing daughters. 'I'm Not Running Away' is both a reassurance to my loved ones and a statement of restlessness. Hank Williams' Lost Highway rolls on. I'll be on it, somewhere."

Listen to "I'm Not Running Away" below.

Will Kimbrough 2019 Tour Dates:

Fri.-Sat., March 22-23  Live Oak, Fla. — Suwannee Spring Fest Live Oak, FL (Daddy duo w/Tommy Womack)

Tues., March 26 —  Jackson, Miss. — Millsaps College

Sat., April 6 — Pensacola, Fla.  — Pensacola Food Truck Festival (Habitat for Humanity Benefit)

Fri., April 12 — Columbiana, Ala. — Black Box Theater

Fri., April 19, 7 p.m. —Decatur (Atlanta), Ga.  — Eddie's Attic

Tues., April 23  — St. Louis, Mo. — Sheldon Ballroom

Thurs., April 25 — Fairfield, Iowa  — Sondheim Center for Performing Arts

Sat., April 27 — Steela, Ala. — HP40 Songwriters Festival

Sun., April 28 — Mobile, Ala. — Mud Bottom Music Festival

Tues., April 30 — Cincinnati, Ohio — 20th Century Theater

Wed., May 1 — Mobilia, Ala. — Thacker Mountain Radio Hour live segment, followed by band show at

Cedar Street Social Club

Fri., May 24 — Newport, Ky. — Southgate House Revival (band)

Fri., May 31 — Baton Rouge, La.  — Manship Theatre

Sat., July 6 — Bond, Colo. — Rancho del Rio

Fri., July 12 — Trappers Lake, Colo. — Music in the Mountains Trappers

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