Will Dolly Parton Star In Her Broadway Musical Who Is Playing Dolly
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Will Dolly Parton Star In Her Broadway Musical — Who Is Playing Dolly?

Hello, I'm Dolly is an upcoming 2026 Broadway show all about the queen herself, Dolly Parton. Per Broadway News, "The musical, whose title is a nod to the singer's 1967 debut studio album, will feature songs from Parton's catalog, as well as new songs written specifically for the stage." That's right, we aren't getting only the classics! It'll be worth it for the exclusive songs alone, honestly.

Also, the official website for the show is utterly precious. That always helps!

As of now, everyone involved in the production has been tight-lipped about potential casting roles. However, the internet has proven to be eternal in finding choice breadcrumbs to tell us who could be in the running to play Dolly Parton!

Let's assume Parton won't be playing herself. (It's more fun that way!) Now, I want to direct your attention to an old clip featuring Parton and Carrie Underwood.

Who Could Play Dolly Parton In Broadway's 'Hello, I'm Dolly' Musical?

Ignore the beautiful duet in the back half of this video for the time being. (It can be a nice post-article treat!) Here, we learn Parton's had this musical in mind for a while. But more importantly... we get some telltale hints. When the musical comes up, Underwood asks the million-dollar question almost immediately.

"Who do you think might get to play you?" To what I'm sure was her great horror at the moment, Parton's first choice wasn't her.

"I think Kristin Chenoweth would be really good," Parton says. But then, the Queen confirmed she hadn't completely decided. Parton then gives Underwood the nod, saying, "[If you're interested], we could get you a big ol' bra and get you all fixed up!"

So, it could be Underwood. Chenoweth, however, really, really wants to do it. When interviewed by Jay Leno on The Kelly Clarkson Show (don't ask), Chenoweth made her ambitions clear when the question came up.

"Well, I want to [be Dolly in the musical]! ... I just want to say, 'Dolly, where's my camera?'"

Perhaps it's only a matter of time before Chenoweth is formally crowned with the title. Or maybe the bio-musical will cover so much of Parton's life that both Chenoweth and Underwood could play Parton during two different eras of her life! Heck, throw Lainey Wilson in there, too. Why not?