5 Wildflower Seed Mixes Made Specifically For Texas

Texas is home to some of the most beautiful scenery. The Texas bluebonnets alone are pretty and grow yearly on the side of interstate highways. But what you see in the outdoors takes a lot of work, even though planting wildflower seed mixes may seem like an easy hobby. There are lots of factors that go into gardening, starting with your first year of researching your region and the different growing seasons.

For all you Texans, here are 5 wildflower seed mixes you can start with on your wish list, that'll not only hold up in the Texas temps and soil but also make your lawn and/or garden the best one on the block.

1. Wildseed Farms' Texas/Oklahoma Wildflower Mix

This regional mix contains a balance of annual wildflower and perennial wildflower varieties that grows a broad range of blooms. Just 1/4 pound of it will cover 500 square feet.

Better to plant in the fall, some of the flowers you'll spot growing are the Texas bluebonnet, Texas bluebonnet, Indian blanket, scarlet flax, tickseed, lemon mint, and the purple coneflower. There are also fillers in this mix, so the arrangement will be spectacular.

2. Pennington Texas Garden Mix

If you're ready to conquer it now, this mix is great for planting in the springtime and late fall. The Pennington mix is also an annual and perennial mix, that is best planted in sunlight to partial shade areas.

The 24 oz bag will cover up to 1,000 sq ft, and is easy to low maintenance and easy to grow. You'll find over 20 different flowers growing from this mix.


3. Flower Native Texas Bluebonnet

Did you know you bluebonnets also come in maroon? With this mix, you will grow some lucious, non-GMO, maroon bluebonnets in your garden. It is the "state flower" after all.

The bluebonnet thrives in raised flower beds, in well-drained soil. You want to avoid germination of the flower seeds or the plants won't develop. If done right, you can see blooms in 70 days. Though other wildflower mixtures grow an arrangement of flowers, this one will only bloom bluebonnets.

4. Deer Resistant Wildflower Seed Mix

Deers are cute but a pain to Texas landscaping. They love to munch on flowers. It's crucial that if you live in an area whether deers roam often, you should be growing deer-resistant wildflower species.

This mix grows an arrangement of lupine and lance leaf coreopsis (also known to be a beautiful pollinator that can attract hummingbirds), also blooming the California poppy, zinnia and scarlet sage in just the first year. The mix grows 17 wildflowers in total, so imagine what your wildflower garden will look like in the second year. It requires full sun to grow, and is good for cut flowers.


5. Lady Bird's Legacy Wildflower Mix

If you're looking for blooms in the early summer, let this wildflower mix be your first season gardening activity. The legacy mix grows the black-eyed susan, purple coneflower and Texas bluebells to name a few. It can be planted in a dry area with full sunlight, but medium to moist soil would be a better route.

With this package, you are almost getting a two-for-one deal. A percentage of the sales is going towards the Wildflower Center Seed Grant program, which provides seeds to Texas schools. Not only will your lawn look great, but so will your local schools.

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