This Wife’s Emotional Thank You to Her Farmer Husband is Going Viral

Facebook/Katie Spence Pugh

The life of a farmer is certainly not an easy one, but a photo by Katie Spence Pugh, a mom and wife of a farmer, puts the true reality of their sacrifice into perspective.

The photo is of her husband sitting down to eat. He is exhausted after a long day in the field, but he is not the only one who feels the repercussions of his profession. In the caption that follows the photo, Katie opens up about her frustrations.

The long hours that harvesting and planting season brings takes her husband away from his family. The full time job of cooking dinner, keeping up the home, taking care of their children falls on her and she admits that she resents it at times.

However, in the moment we see in the photo, Katie’s frustration became something else. While her husband was eating, their daughter Charlotte joined him. Katie stood watching Charlotte and her husband and suddenly she became thankful. The caption explains it all perfectly.

“While I felt frustrated, I really should have felt thankful,” Katie writes. “I got to sit down to dinner and hear all the stories from the day with the kids. I got to give them a bath and hear their squeals and giggles. I got to snuggle and love on them for 3 hours more than he did.”

Katie’s words also bring a sense of enlightenment. Her husband spends countless hours sacrificing his time. He pours his blood, sweat and tears into his passion to continue what previous generations have built. And yet, he does it all without ever expecting a thank you in return.

The post ends with a gentle reminder to us all. “The next time you slip into that comfy cotton shirt or eat delicious farm fresh food, thank a farmer. Where would we be without them?”

Those words should not be taken lightly. For Katie and all other families that sacrifice for us every day, remember to take the time to appreciate how lucky we are to have farmers.

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This Wife’s Emotional Thank You to Her Farmer Husband is Going Viral