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Priscilla Presley's Request to Be Buried at Graceland Near Elvis Has Been Approved

Priscilla Presley's place of rest will be "as near as possible" to Elvis Presley

Priscilla Presley will be allowed to be buried at Graceland. USA Today reports that the settlement reached between Lisa Marie Presley's daughter Riley Keough and Keough's grandmother Priscilla Presley allows Presley to be buried among her family on the famous property. According to the outlet, Presley's place of rest will be "as near as possible" to Elvis Presley, her former husband.

The news comes after initial reports stated that Presley's request to be buried next to Elvis was denied. According to TMZ, the topic was a "non-starter," and Presley backed off from the issue without too much hesitation.

In a statement about the initial request, Presley told TMZ, "Although I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon. It is my family's and my wish for me to be laid to rest with my daughter and the love of my life when that time comes. We appreciate the love from all of the fans."

As TMZ reports, Elvis' grave lies in between the graves of his grandmother Minnie Mae Presley and his father Vernon Presley, so the denial of Presley's request was possibly due to logistics. The report states that Presley settled for "millions of dollars" in the trust settlement.

People also reported this month that the members of the family are satisfied with the settlement.

"They have reached a settlement. Families are happy," said Ronson Shamoun, Priscilla's lawyer. "Everyone is happy. Unified and together and excited for the future."

Keough's attorney Justin Gold also commented, adding, "[Riley] would not have agreed to the settlement if she was not happy with it."

Lisa Marie Presley passed away on Jan. 12, 2022 after suffering a cardiac arrest at her home in California. She leaves behind her three daughters Riley, Harper and Finley, as well as her mother, Presley. People reports that the next hearing and approval regarding the trust is set for August 4. The hearings have mostly regarded Lisa Marie's life insurance trust, which reportedly contained more than $35 million.


Editor's Note: This article was updated on Aug. 7, 2023 after the news that Priscilla Presley's request to be buried at Graceland was approved.

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