Whole Foods CEO Says the Problem With the U.S. Healthcare System is Americans Keep Getting Sick

Whole Foods Market CEO John Mackey put his organic foot in his mouth when he shared that the best solution for the United States healthcare system is for Americans to stop getting sick. To make matters worst, founder John Mackey said this as over 300,000 Americans have died due to the coronavirus pandemic during an interview with Freakonomics Radio podcast. The natural foods grocery store is currently owned by Amazon.

Whole Foods CEO Says We Can Lower Healthcare Costs If We Stop Getting Sick

"I mean, honestly, we talk about health care. The best solution is not to need health care," Mackey told Freakonomics Radio host Stephen Dubner on the November 4 episode. "The best solution is to change the way people eat, the way they live, the lifestyle, and diet," Mackey says. "There's no reason why people shouldn't be healthy and have a longer healthspan. A bunch of drugs is not going to solve the problem. 71% of Americans are overweight and 42.5% are obese. Clearly, we're making bad choices in the way we eat," Mackey says. "It's not a sustainable path. And so, I'm calling it out."

This isn't the first time the CEO of Whole Foods Market has called out American's eating habits and healthcare. In 2009 he wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal titled "The Whole Foods Alternative to ObamaCare" In the article, the chief executive goes on to say that every American is responsible for their own health and should use their freedom to make good lifestyle choices.

The op-ed caused quite a bit of controversy, mostly from Americans with conditions caused by genetics, life events, exposure to chemicals, and the like.

Yes, I understand if Americans ate better and exercised, the obesity rate (along with diseases and ailments that it causes) would dwindle. But it's not a blanket answer.


Earlier this year the organic grocer cut the health insurance benefits of 1,900 part-time employees.

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