Whitey Morgan on Today’s Mainstream Country: ‘Worst Sh*t Ever'

Whitey Morgan doesn't like the current state of mainstream country music.

The artist told FOX411 Country he thinks popular country has reached an all-time low.

"People write songs...because it means something to them. The world's come to this thing, especially Nashville, it's this marriage of artistry and money that doesn't make any sense to me and they're turning out the worst crap we've heard ever in the history of music. It's really the worst s--t ever. I mean, I can't even listen to it."

Morgan even designed a shirt that boldly states "F--k pop country" across the front and "support your local honky tonk band" on the back. The shirt has become one of his best selling pieces of merchandise ever. Although labeled as a traditionalist who has a sound rooted in the golden age of outlaw country, Morgan says he doesn't want to be categorized.

"I don't like being labeled anything really, like any person who has their own thoughts and ideas of who they are."

Morgan struggles with the fact many say he's the last of a dying breed, musically.

"I don't know what that means," Morgan said. "The people saying that don't know any different, they haven't done the research. They don't know there are four guys in Texas that are as good as any of those we in country music refer to as the glory days, the traditional country music era."

When he was 16, Morgan inherited 300 country albums from his grandfather after he passed away. This led him down the path of creating his own unique blend of traditional country and hard-edged punk. In the past 10 years, Morgan has been touring with his band, Whitey Morgan and the 78's, through tiny Detroit venues and southern dance halls.

Morgan has always made it a mission to stay true to himself and his own sound and wants to keep it that way for years to come. "When I'm ready to wrap it up [I want to say] we went out there and worked hard and didn't worry about the mainstream, and we didn't worry about the radio stations in Nashville, in Texas, because there's a thousand people in Chicago, or another city, that want to hear us play but who don't give a s--t what's on the radio."

Whitey Morgan and the 78's will be on tour across America through the end of September. A full list of tour dates is available at its official website.

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Whitey Morgan on Today’s Mainstream Country: ‘Worst Sh*t Ever'